Perfectly Imperfect Pinup #6

We are one big family, we all want to help one another & learn from one another. So why not trend into something positive. This is a blog to get to know YOU .. write what you want, add pictures, your tips, why you got into Pinup, etc! And at the end of your blog, you get to nominate another pinup! This week Brittany was nominated by Sophie Marie:

Hello Vixens! My name is Brittany or as some know me Miss Magenta. I have always been a great lover of fashion. When I was a little girl you could find me drawing outfits or playing dress up and playing with makeup. I was 8 when clueless came out and it was a movie I was obsessed with, I wanted her closet. Lets be honest I still do! I had my first experience with vintage glamour at the age of 19. I had gone to a local bar to watch my first burlesque show. I was obsessed, I wanted to be involved in any way possible. I began researching burlesque like it was my job, I loved watching videos of these glamorous beautiful women. I began performing myself only a few months later. With burlesque I use a lot of classic styling of hair and makeup from the 50s and I felt so glamorous I wanted to incorporate it in my daily life.

This is actually how I met my partner, working together on shows. My partner is a drag king and in Halifax we do a lot of variety shows where drag and burlesque are combined. They asked me to work on a number with them 5 years ago and we have be inseparable ever since. I have been designing and making my own clothing since the age of 12, I wanted items that were just not available in the market yet. I used to rock a punkier style myself but since having children I like the way vintage looks on my body. I am a curvy lady and I like to accentuate that.

I began designing and making pinup clothing in 2012 and I never looked back. I want to make other women feel beautiful in their clothing. I spend most of my time designing clothing for my brand Vivacious Vixen, spending time with my family and watching funny movies with my partner. My family is everything to me and I am so lucky to have such a supportive partner who goes along with any crazy idea I come up with. I love taking extra special time picking out outfits, I find it therapeutic. I have two young girls who often help me pick out my accessories to go with my outfits. I nominate Kendall Ward

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