Perfectly Imperfect Pinup #5

We are one big family, we all want to help one another & learn from one another. So why not trend into something positive. This is a blog to get to know YOU .. write what you want, add pictures, your tips, why you got into Pinup, etc! And at the end of your blog, you get to nominate another pinup! This week Sophie Marie was nominated by Christina:

For those of you who may not know me, I’m Sophie Marie! I’ve always been a little different than most girls. I’m a tomboy on a daily who has her girly side as well. I’ve always loved sport compacts above other categories of vehicles but still love the classics as well. I’d rather be tinkering in the garage over pampering myself. I’m a performance above esthetics kind of person, and I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky and have a passion for drag racing. And I’ll always remember a person best by what they drive, and not their name.. and this has backfired on dates before! Hahaha

I found my love of vintage at a young age, going through my grandmother’s old photos, going through her closet and trying on her dresses and fur coats. And there was this one photo of my grandmother from her teens that I really admired. I always wanted to look like that.. the fabulous retro dresses, the curly hair (which thankfully mine was naturally curled), and the red lipstick to top it off!

I also found a love of automotive at a young age. My father use to take me out to look at cars quite often, not realizing he was creating a monster! Hahah.. thanks dad!

Crystal King, who I had met through the local roller derby league, opened Vixens Boutique in her home basement. After one visit I was hooked! I wanted it all!! Hahah.. If only I could afford it all! One year Crystal got together with the organizers of our big local indoor car show, Speedsport, and they decided to have a pinup contest, where they would crown a Miss Speedsport. My friend Kristina registered for the contest, and I was very envious because I couldn’t do that! In my head I could never get up on stage in front of hundreds of people, let alone talk. My anxiety would hold me back. So I helped Kristina a bit with her questions and such and wished her good luck.

For the second annual Pinup Contest, Kristina and Crystal gave me a little push and got me to sign up. I was super nervous! Crystal passed me a dress from her own closet, I borrowed a pair of heels from a friend, got my hair and makeup done by Steph Knapper, and there I went. I was so nervous on stage I barely moved, struck the same pose 3 times and almost tipped over!! But I finished what I started!

After that, I had girls and women message me telling me that I did a great job and they wished they could too. So when the 3nd annual pinup contest came up, I signed up again, and this year had a bit more pep in my step and felt a bit more confident as well. I learned how great I felt when I was all pinned up and pretty!

Since then, I have been participating in the Miss Speedsport Pinup Contest yearly, worked some car shows as a pinup girl, worked with different photographers, and even worked on some collaborations photo projects with a couple photographers, producing and directing photoshoots.

Back in March of 2019, to my surprise I made top five contestants for the Fredericton Tattoo Expo, and came home winning 1st runner up!

I’ve also found a passion for helping out fellow pinups, and girls who are new to pinup, prepare for Speedsport by going over questions with them, helping to style them, and giving them support on the day itself. With that I’ve learned how much I really enjoy helping other women find their inner pinup.

In conclusion I want everyone out there to see that, it doesn’t matter your age, shape, size, gender, background or anything.. if you want something in life, you go out there and get it. You can do anything you put your mind to! I did!

Xox Sophie Marie

I would like to nominate the always lovely Miss Magenta, aka Brittany Dawn as the next Perfectly Imperfect Pinup!

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