Perfectly Imperfect Pinup #4

We are one big family, we all want to help one another & learn from one another. So why not trend into something positive. This is a blog to get to know YOU .. write what you want, add pictures, your tips, why you got into Pinup, etc! And at the end of your blog, you get to nominate another pinup! This week Christina was nominated by Rochelle:

I’m Christina, a wife, mom, artist, stylist and pin up. To me pinup is about more than long lasting red lipstick or the perfect pair of sparkling high heels. Pinup is my shelter from the mundane. My break from peanut free snacks and endless diaper changes,and a celebration of these ever changing curves.

I came to Canada 7 years ago from the states. I married the love of my life, moved halfway across the continent, left my job, my hair license, damn, even my cell phone. We were dirt poor, and very much testing the phrase “All you need is love” This is an absolutely terrible idea in case you were thinking about immigrating to a foreign country where you knew like three people. Two years into living in Winnipeg we were frozen solid, and a little bitchy about it, so we left. We overloaded our compact cars, prayed they would hold together and drove 36 hours here, New Brunswick and started a whole new life. I found myself very loved, and very alone.

Soon after I moved here I got a job hairstyling, great job, and what was better I had great coworkers, they began my little ragtag crew of friends I have here now. Dressing up for work gave me some feel of glamour, some whiff of the fifties, when you weren't properly dressed without a pair of heels. I like that feeling.

I met Rochelle there, she oozes vintage, (sorry Rochelle what a gross's staying) she had competed in a pin up contest the year before, and regularly dolled up for car shows. I had my winged eye on that contest, and when she asked me to do her hair the next year I entered too. I have never been known to do things halfway, this was no exception I went out there and strut my stuff and ended up making the finals! Oh honey, I was hooked. I couldn't believe how supportive the girls were and it was so easy to make fast friends.

I'm not a full time pinup, well, maybe on the inside I feel that way, feel like I was born in the wrong era. But as I trudge into the grocery store in sweaty gym clothes with a less-than-pristine baby on my hip, and a slimy toddler hand in mine I have to admit I don't always present my best self to the world around me. I suppose I will have to rely on the lovely Canadians around me to see some inner beauty as I open a package of goldfish crackers in the store to feed my screaming ankle biters, and dream of the day I will have time to do the perfect roller set.

I have always gravitated to all things vintage, to the unapologetic worship of femininity.

My grandmother and great grandmother were perfect muses for my budding interest in the world of the fifties. My grandmothers house was glamour incarnate, beaded lampshades beside and layers of plush comforters on top of extra large four poster beds, a life size painting of Marylin on one wall. My great grandmother’s house was almost too full of the lingering scent of Estée Lauder’s “Beautiful” a bedside table neatly stacked with rollers that were worn religiously every night, a wardrobe chock full of matching suits the queen would be envious of. I remember spending hours enraptured in their wedding photos, both of them had looked like magazine brides. Needless to say my love of glamour started young, and won't likely leave me any time soon.

The car shows and old Fords are definitely a perk, they get my husband into the scene, to me it's a little too easy to fantasize driving one down Main Street like the set of American Graffiti, everyone dressed to the nines and gentleman wearing hats.

So to me that's pinup, really it isn't about putting on a costume, or armour to take on the world, to me it feels like the easiest expression of what I really feel inside. I love feeling beautiful and making people feel beautiful, and I'm so lucky that that is my job, along with being a mother who gets to show her little girl how to put on lipstick. Through pinup I hope I can inspire women to express themselves confidently and to take the time to see their own inner beauty.

I now nominate Sophie Marie!

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