Perfectly Imperfect Pinup #3

We are one big family, we all want to help one another & learn from one another. So why not trend into something positive. This is a blog to get to know YOU .. write what you want, add pictures, your tips, why you got into Pinup, etc! And at the end of your blog, you get to nominate another pinup! This week Rochelle was nominated by Crystal:

My Pinup Adventure

Okay, let’s start with a quick little back story; I was born and raised in small town Alberta. I graduated from Lord Beaverbrook High School in Calgary in 1997. I was a punk in high school, one of very few in redneck ville AB in the 90s. And I guess it’s true what the say “Rockabilly, where punks go to retire.” In 2004 I graduated from Marvel College as an esthetician. I moved to NB in 2008, and Moncton has been home since.

I guess my love for vintage started when I was quite young, I loved the old music. When I was 9 I had borrowed a tape from my friend that was all music from the 50s, songs like Rocking Robin and the Little Old Lady from Pasadena. I listened to it all the time, and that music stuck with me.

In 2006, living in Jasper, I met a couple of Rockabilly/Psychobilly punks and I fell in love. They looked so cool and classy. Come to find out one of my favorite stores in Edmonton, Rowena, that had been up until then focused on medieval and gothic attire, had turned to pin up. I bought a couple of beautiful dresses, and some shoes. But my boyfriend at the time made fun of me for liking the style, so I put it on the back burner. Until I moved to New Brunswick by myself.

For the first few years, I made do with what the stores in Moncton had to offer to create a rockabilly look, and I wore my hair in fun vintage styles, (most often sporting a tall pompadour.) I attended some Rockabilly and Psychobilly shows, and started meeting some like minded individuals. I had ideas of my own to open a subculture store, but was told by some locals that someone had tried that once and it had not worked out. So I let the idea go.

Then one day someone told me about their friend that had started a store in her basement. Vixens Boutique. Of course I high tailed it over ASAP. Dresses, shirts, purses, you name it I’ve got it!

One year another friend of mine told me that she knew a girl that had participated in the Pin up contest at the car show. Instantly my ears pricked up, I hit the internet and got the info for the following year, and come to find out that it was Miss Crystal that was involved with it. When the time came I signed up. I didn’t know anyone, or what to expect. The tensions in the back room were high, the girls all nervous, but friendly, my turn came, I strut across that stage, and WOW I made it into the top 9 and into the finals. This year was my 5th participating. I have met so many wonderful ladies.

I am also happy to have a job that allows me to wear my pin up gear to work. Everyone always compliments my outfits and my hairstyles, (and I always tell them where I shop). I am often told that I was born in the wrong era. And I have a boyfriend now that brags about his pin up girlfriend.

I am here to tell all the girls out there that are curious about pin up and the pin up contest; “Don’t Dream it, be it.” If you want some help and encouragement I am here. I have been doing this since 2007, it’s not a Halloween costume, it is me.

A quick list of other things I like; Dirk Gently, my cats, Ford Thunderbirds, Karaoke, Alan Tudyk, and so much more. Have a wonderful day, and stay classy!

I nominate Christina Wiebe

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