Perfectly Imperfect Pinup #2

We are one big family, we all want to help one another & learn from one another. So why not trend into something positive. This is a blog to get to know YOU .. write what you want, add pictures, your tips, why you got into Pinup, etc! And at the end of your blog, you get to nominate another pinup! This week Crystal was nominated by Tara:

Hi everyone! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Crystal and I own Vixens! Hmmm... where to begin and what to write?? My love of all things pinup began a little different, it started when I was a child and loving the mafia! Lol, yup you read that right, my father and I shared a love for mafia movies and that made me fall in love with the 20's!. So much so, that when I married my high school sweetheart, we went with a Roarin' 20's themed wedding! Complete with flapper dresses, wingtip shoes and a bootlegging rum runner car!

We have 2 children together (One moving onto high school this year, and one who just graduated wtf?!) Now having my 2 beautiful girls and having a passion for food lol, I had put on weight over the years and finally decided to do something about it. A year later I had shed a bunch of unwanted lbs and slowly got the courage to try things I always wanted to do... Like dying my hair a funky color and try roller derby! (where I got to wear fun outfits!). I started looking around for funkier styles and realized there was nothing in Moncton that could cater to my needs I thought geez, there should be... and an idea took hold! The turning point was when I decided to order these amazing IF shoes online. They were marked down to $20 but by the time they got to my door, it cost me $72 in duty and shipping!!

I thought that was insane and sat down with my hubby to see if we could try this whole small business thing out. And so Vixens was created and my adventure began!

My husband Kenny has always been into cars so we would go to the local car shows and I would drool over 20/30's cars while he admired the muscle cars. That first year Vixens was open (in my home) I was approached by Speedsport to work with them by hosting a Pinup contest and that changed everything! I finally found my niche, Vixens began attending all the car shows as it was such a good fit. I have met so many people of the years, I absolutely love the car community and Pinup world. I still love my 20/30's era, but my heart is now filled with everything 50's! From my classic 1955 Dodge Regent "Reggie" to my retro styled kitchen, to my crinolines and swing dresses!

Along with the love for my family, add my love of animals, especially dogs (Kobbie, Mia, Jackson all have a piece of my heart forever), As well as my love of Halloween (for over 13 years now, my sister Char & I host an annual Halloween party where we go all out!) which of course led to my love of all things skulls lol, and now you know my whole story! (well most of it!) I can't wait to hear all of your pinup stories and now I nominate Miss Rochelle! xo

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