Perfectly Imperfect Pinup #1

When I started writing blogs for Vixens I found it upbeat & fun. Always writing about new pinup trends, items or car shows. Lately I find it challenging. Finding that one thing , item or event that hasn't been written about yet! This year I competed in the Miss Speedsport contest & became Miss Speedsport 2019.. yes I wear my crown while sitting on the couch eating cookies, I still cant believe it!! With that said. I want to be the one the other girls look up to, turn to, ask questions & look for tips. I noticed there was a ton of new girls who entered this year which was fabulous! Love seeing new faces, some competing with friends, to do something to get out of their comfort zone, or just someone who loves pinup.. everyone needs to start somewhere. Which got me thinking about blogs & all the new gals .... So here's my thing! We are one big family, we all want to help one another & learn from one another. So why not trend into something positive. A blog for everyone! A week to week blog to get to know YOU.. write what you want, add pictures, your tips, why you started your amazingly awesome journey into Pinup! Each week Vixens & I would like to showcase you in the blog section! So .. here goes nothing ...

I have been around for a few year & I know most of the pinup ladies. But, for those of you who dont.. I'm Tara! My journey starts with my Nan, she was always dressed to kill. Posed with her nails done, curlers set, dresses on .. inspiring. We lost her this past year. Her first birthday since she left us fell on Radical Speedsport.. where I was crowned, which because of that date alone I will never forge . My husband & I are high school sweethearts of 16 years. Nick is where my love of car shows & all things antique came into play. We have a Camaro, as well as a Mustang. I guess you could say I was a diehard Ford girl who married chev! We have two boys who have been to more car shows than some adults. Evan who is now 6 was swapping out motors a few years back. Red lipstick, dresses , curls & car shows a few years later would land me on accessories. Which is where Oh My Lanta came in to play. My little side business with a bevy of handmade pinup hair flowers that I have made for girls all across the East coast & some even as far as the West coast! Now if we want to talk some of my favourite things .. here goes! Elvis & Johnny I swoon over. The boys & I scream The Beach Boys everyday. I have an insane Marilyn Monroe collection that has actually taken over the bottom half of my house from floor to ceiling. I am overly obsessed, like decorations have become part of my house decor.. with Halloween. Anything & everything spooky for that matter. I watch horror & read horror on the daily. Stephen King is another heart throb of mine. I am an avid reader... I am on book 34 for this year alone. I am also the VP to the NB chapter of Canadian bombshell beauties! I feel like that just about covers all things "Tara". If you have any questions let me know . I'm here to help any girls running in the contest next year. I want everyone to love this little family we have. Be kind to one another. Build each other up & if you need me know I am here So!! In closing I would like to nominate Crystal King to be the next Beaut to tell us all about herself !! Xo

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