Black To Sass

Jumping from uniform job to uniform job I never was one to worry too much about style.

Going from chef whites to a black esthetician’s smock, I was more into comfort than worrying

about how I looked. Jeans and a graphic t was how I rolled. I kept my hair short and easy,

or pulled back in a clip or ponytail, some days not doing more than a quick brush through.

And I didn’t own any makeup until I was 25..

All this ended the day I saw my first modern 50’s pin up/rockabilly girl. I was in love! With

the style that is. My boyfriend at the time was not keen on the whole look. But my situation

changed and I left AB behind and moved to the East coast. A new life awaited.

I traded my mens jeans in for form fitting ladies jeans, my nondescript graphic tees for

rockabilly band shirts. Slapped on some winged liner, and put a curl in my hair. I was on my


My new style was coming along nicely. But it was hard to find the right look in any of the

local stores, until one day someone told me about a little spot. A girl had opened a

Rockabilly/Pin up clothing store in her house. So I jumped in my car and struck out on an

adventure to find it. From that day forth Vixens Boutique has been my happy place.

The addiction started; tops, dresses, shoes, home decor, and more dresses. Up to date my

favorite brand has been Hell Bunny. The dresses always fit perfect. And most of them have

POCKETS! Who doesn’t love pockets on a dress!

Recently, after one last uniform job, I am in a position that allows me to wear all my pretty

clothes. As the winter weather is fast approaching it is time to get a new wardrobe inspired

by the 50s and 60s. I can’t wait to perfect my winter office look!

Ciao Bellas

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