Mugs! Mugs! Mugs!

To date I have wrote a few blogs about how important buying local, supporting handmade & how helping put money back into the pocket of a small business is much more rewarding than buying from a large retailer.

With that said let me introduce you to the Mug Lady !! She is local out of Riverview & makes these beautiful 15 oz mugs that are dishwasher / microwave safe . If you have an idea of what you want to slap on the side of your favourite coffee mug , Jo is your gal ! She has made multiple mugs for me , each better than the last . She is quick , creative & super kind to message with about ideas .

Literally magic in minutes ... I have this unnatural obsession with Johnny Cash . Jo made me a mug better than I could ever imagine !! It's kind of my favourite .. truly represents how I feel at 5 am waiting do the coffee to brew. If you know Cash playing San Quentin prison in 69 .. you will feel my mood!

She has made many different kinds from rockabilly , pinup , dark humor , flamingos , profanity & mermaids!

Now these local handmade beauties can also be bought off the shelf, from yet another local fav of mine ... Vixens Boutique!!

So why not get your creative juices flowing with what you would like to see slapped on the side of your new mug . Send The Mug Lady a sweet message & pick one up at Vixens! Support two mama's at once! and

If you are a shameless selfie lover like myself . I always love taking pictures of local product to post & promote for others . Once you read my blog .. go get yourself a mug .. (you know you want to) take a picture enjoying your drink of choice & post in the comments!! Lots of love! Xo

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