5 essential must haves for the pinup on a budget!

It is no secret that the pinup lifestyle can get pricey ... but the pieces are so worth it ! From the patterns, fit, to how each item hugs your body like it was all made just for you! So if you are a shopper on a budget but still want to embrace a retro style! Here are 5 easy essentials to help you out!

1. Get yourself a sweet little pinup dress. Even if you do splurge a little on the price you can actually make it very versatile. I have actually used one of my swing dresses and made them into a skirt for a completely different look ! You just tuck the straps and top of the dress down.. add the belt and cute shirt!

2. With that being said... you can not go wrong with accessories. They are actually a cheap way to dress up your look! - Belts. As mentioned above. Great for making outfits pop or adding around a dress! - Hair pieces. Scarves, bandanas, hair flowers, snoods! - Sunglasses! A cute retro shaped cat eye, hearts, or even just vibrant colours! - Brooches. Now I'm a brooch addict and I find they can make any old outfit pop with life! Once at a car show... I was very last minute getting ready. Cuffed jeans and black tee shirt... boring! I added a sparkly cherry brooch from Vixens boutique and like magic the look was more complete!

3. Shoes!!! Whether you spend on a really good quality pair of tuks or find a vintage pair at a local thrift shop. In my opinion the right red shoe goes with everything pinup!

4. Crinoline! If you are into swing skirts and dresses you will be surprised how much better a skirt looks when it had a pop of brightly coloured crinoline underneath!

5. Now last but not least... tights! Leg avenue has a variety of different tights in plain & prints . My favourite are the nude shade with black seams that run up to back of your legs. You can have a plain dress or outfit but you wiggle into a pair of tights with a back seam you are golden!

And as Marilyn said in Some Like It Hot "are my seams straight ?"... xo

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