Putting It All Together!

When it comes to pinup or rockabilly attire. I have struggled over the years with how to put an outfit together. You learn, take from others, make mistakes, look back at pictures and say "shoot that hair flower should have been a different colour" or "darn my victory rolls look more like Mickey mouse ears and less like vintage rolls!

There any many different types of pinup styles you can base you attire around. I prefer the genuine like vintage housewife look . Large poodle skirts , dresses that twirl, corsets , lots of crinoline and big flowery pastel prints! Or you could go the route of leather, black and reds, skulls, bows very rockabilly, Chuck sneakers, fierce cat eye! Either way, do some research, pick your favourite looks and use that as a base! Then make the look your own with your own special little touches! As picky as I am, I thought I would share with you tips that have helped me build me style. When I said I like pastels and flowers.. I'm pretty sure that is all my closet is pinks, mints, soft blue, white with bouquets of flowers.

Now did you know you can actually mix patterns! It looks sweet! For example, I have an extremely floral dress that I pair with soft pink and white polka dot heels and it is to die for! Flowers and polka dots? Too much? Never! I also have a tiki inspired swing skirt covered in pinup girls , surf boards and flowers that I have paired with lace as well as stripes! The number one thing I always ran into trouble with was how to match my accessories with my outfit. Does purple go with green? Should I match a red dress with pink ? The bet advice I was given and now use. Is the color wheel! Pick the color dress, shirt or skirt you are wearing. Want to know what colour shoes or hair flower to purchase. Take the shade directly across from your starting colour and you are good to go lady! A few examples are blue across is red , mint goes with pink , purple with yellow... or if you are a brunette beauty with a Navy dress and don't want the same ol red accents , try ORANGE!! I bet it would look fabulous!!!

These are only a few tips to help kick start you into the pinup attire. In the end , make it how you want it! Pink is not across from red on the colour wheel but I wore it together with cherry accessories! I also wore Animal print with polka dots ! Have fun !!! Xo

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