Pinup Contest Guide

With the radical speedsport pinup contest just around the corner. I thought I would write a blog to shed some light on the pinup contest world! Even though I have only competed twice, placing second one year and third the next. I feel like you can learn from each experience, and take from it what you feel you can change for next time! I even knew what I wanted to change about my experience last year to this year... but instead of competing I will more than likely be cheering from the side lines with my new little man.

First off... you think you can't do it, get up on stage, answer questions... yes you can! Although the most important thing I can say is this... be you. Don't be a robot. Do what you feel is right, not what others tell you to do or what they think you should do. One thing that will radiate off you more than confidence is fear! Shake it away and play up the audience! Walk with confidence! When it comes to your questions... don't rehearse. Don't try and memorize what you are going to say... then you just end up stumbling on your words or end up using the Oh so popular "uhh , umm , uhhhh "

When it comes to wardrobe for the show BE COMFORTABLE!! Don't wear 5 inch heels you can't walk in .. when you could have been on stage in cute little flats and rocked the runway. My first year I hated that I wore a halter style dress (I hate showing shoulders and back ) I found myself trying to pose without showing my back because of it! Second year... sleeves, much more confident! Also who says you even have to wear a dress? Wear some cute cuffed jeans or some sexy leather tights like Sandy in Grease! If that makes you confident go for it, that's what counts! Now.

The most important piece I wanted to write about...Please ... for the love of all things pinup be a lady! Everyone is there for the same reason, to compete in a pinup contest. Each girl will have an issue with confidence, be shy, feel uncomfortable... And guess what, If you are going to judge, sneer or pick apart the other girls, whether behind their back or in ear shot ... you my friend are not acting very lady like. You may not think you are being mean, but someone else competing may take your glance or quick response to an introduction as a brush off. Yes it is a competition ... but I have competed along side girls that I would gladly give my placement to because they are and we're fabulous!! Some girls may be having an off day. It doesn't make you any better. If you win, treat the other girls with respect and kindness still, even though they say it doesn't bother them, deep down it may. If you don't place... take it graciously and learn from it. You still come out a winner because guess what? I'm sure you made a friend or two along the way, I know every year I did!! You also have that much more you can take from your experience and be like okay next year I'm going to DO THIS!! Feeling bad won't help you or your confidence in the long run.

So I guess to break it down, dress for success in an outfit you feel confident strutting your stuff in, engage the audience and be flirty! Most off all we are all women. We all have imperfections and insecurities ... we all need to compete in competitions not to look better or do better than others but to help ourselves! Meet new friends and have new experiences! Remember, what you think is pretty and perfect may not be the same to others. You may be another woman's ideal perfection, with that be a role model and be kind! Xo

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