Baby Bags!

Being pregnant with my second baby I wanted a stylish little bag to cart the boys around with. I fell in love with the sourpuss bowler bag that had cherries on it & was recently gifted it from a great friend at vixens Boutique!

It's not actually a baby or diaper bag but I thought I would give it a shot! It was too cute to pass on! It is a really sweet black leather bag with red cherries, short straps as well as one long strap so you can wear it cross body and a flat bottom so it sits upright perfectly. Once I had it home I realized it's perfect as a purse for your everyday items, work bag that you can also throw your lunch into... and to my amazement works wonders when it comes to a (mommy, baby and toddler) bag! As you can see in my pictures I put it to the ultimate test!

At first I packed for a small outing with baby. - bottle with enough formula for 2 feedings , several diapers, bibs, creams, wipes, sleepers, plus outfit, receiving blankets, etc.

- I then packed it all into the bag and thought I wanted to try something else... So I packed for a day with a baby, myself and toddler son!

So on top of all the baby essentials I packed my makeup bag (with all the mom essentials inside) snacks, water and my son's leap pad with games! IT ALL FIT !!

Now sourpuss does sell a line of baby/diaper bags you can order through Crystal at Vixens Boutique... they are a bit bigger. But hey! Check out the bowler bags, they are fun, versatile, come in different prints, price wise they are cheaper and look at what I fit into one!

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