Who Said Pregnancy Can't Be Stylish!

Being smack dab in the middle of pregnancy, I found it a bit hard to keep up with my defined victory roll hairstyles & cute dresses. Not because I didn't want to! More so because I lacked energy and had ... Well let's say, every pregnancy symptom possible! But! It does not mean it can't be done just in a different way. Now if you are the lucky lady who glows during pregnancy... You have enough energy to run a country & if you twirled in your cute swing sailor dress it wouldn't make you sick as a dog... You are a god! Now with me, I had to tone things down a little ... I would opt for cute cropped jeans, tees (plain white, something with a little embellishment or Steady clothing has some really sweet tops with lots of stretch) paired with some chucks & accessories. Hair flowers, bandanas or a hair scarf even with just a pony tail & a red lip really helps you hold true to the pinup style.

Clothing brand such as Steady , Pinup Girl clothing, Heart of Haute & Voodoo Vixen are wonderful pinup lines to choose from that are really maternity friendly. From stretchy dresses, free waistbands & back ties to adjust to the ever growing sweet baby bump. They even carry more classy dresses for a maternity shoot or if you are looking for something specific for a baby shower. Now if you are a crazy obsessed pinup lady like me & by chance having a girl (I don't actually know what we are having yet) ... Your poor wallet & child won't stand a chance when it comes to a line from Heart of Haute called Ava Adorable! Matching pinup outfits for babies & toddlers!!!! Oh my lanta... ❤

So ladies there you have it. There will always be a way to stay true to your signature pinup look while pregnant . Whether you glow and look like you galloped in on a unicorn dressed to perfection or you toss your cookies all day but still want to look cute in jeans and a sweet pony tail. Either way. Be true & be you! Babies are wonderful & soon enough you will have a little greaser or doll to dress along side you! Xo

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