"A Great end to the summer!"

Being a family that is a cliche "Car family"... we tend to book even our family vacations around car shows! Our year starts out in April with the Radical Speedsport car show at the Moncton Coliseum which also, along with Vixens Boutique, host a pinup contest (which I am obsessed with) haha! This year the Radical hosted Dave Kindig from Bitchin Rides & Twiggy from tv show Vegas Ratrods. Pretty sure Twiggy was one of the nicest people I have ever met! Obviously the cars... I tend to stand wherever the Mustangs & Bel Airs park!

Then in July you have the Atlantic Nationals. Which tend to run several days and is jam packed with different events, ending with a huge car show in centennial park. Every year we attend with our 87 mustang & every year we talk about how we never get to see every car in the park. There is just that many! In between on sundays we attend cruise nights hosted at Canadian Tire in Dieppe.

Now this summer, our end to car show season took place at the Hub City car show put on by the Moncton Casino. Another two day car show with live bands, booths concerts and of course cars! We got to start our day outside swooning over cars, ending the night with Loverboy... who I must say put on quite the show! I may not have known half the songs but it rocked just the same haha!

Now of course, with car shows you can always find Vixens Boutique. It just goes hand in hand... scope out the cars and purchase some his and hers rockabilly/pinup attire! I can't go without and I promise you if you stop and shop there you will be addicted!

All in all... to sum things up I don't think you can go wrong with having a summer full of car shows. The people, cars, shopping, pinup contests, the smell of muscle cars cruising up and down Mountain road... making you feel like you are smack dab in the middle of American Graffiti! <3 <3

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