" Music! Music! Music! "

Since I have covered all areas of my favourite hair, makeup, clothing, men & movies. I figure, why not list my favourite all time oldies singers! <3 Even if you include the artists of the current year... I would have to say the ones I list have to be my over all favs!

Elvis Presley (Obviously!)

In 1953 after senior prom, Elvis signed with a local recording company , then signed with RCA in 1955. Elvis did much to establish early rock & roll. Hence the nickname.. the King of rock & roll. He began his career with an up tempo mix of country music & rhythm and blues. He recorded song a during 1955 such as Jailhouse rock & Hound dog! these songs really put his style on the map with his versatile voice! In 1958 Elvis was drafted to the military, which caused him to reduce his concerts. Until the 1960s when he starred in 33 movies ! He then made a huge comeback in the 70s with over 500 live performances, nearly all of them sold out ! Elvis then died in 1977 at the age of 42. He left behind many singles, movies & sold over 600 million albums world wide! To this day, he is still a number one favourite of many people! Now if you have been to a car show, dance, wedding, listened to a remix on the radio or even watched a cartoon I'm almost certain you have come across an Elvis song! If not ... Some of mine range throughout the years, take a listen!

Cant help falling in Love

Devil in disguise

The wonder of you

Its now or never

"Truth is like the sun . You can shut it out for a time , but it aint going away " Elvis Presley

The Andrews Sisters

The Andrews sisters were an american harmony trio that sang in the swing & boogie woogie eras ! I love them, I love them, I LOVE them! they are my all time favourite girl band EVER! I listen to them everyday .. getting ready, cleanin up, in the car! Heck .. even my three year old knows their lyrics! The group consisted of three sisters: Laverne Sophia, Maxene Angelyn & Patricia Marie. In the 1940s the sisters were in high demand & became the most profitable stage signing attraction in the nation, earning $20, 000 a week! Aside from singing, the girls were radio personalities & appeared in 17 different hollywood movies. In the 40s, the sisters released 8 singles that all became best sellers, one gold & another platinum. In 1967 Lavernce passed from cancer, Maxene & Patty decided to no longer perform. they went their sepereate ways. Yet The Andrews Sisters legacy lives on when you spin a record or just play through your phone. My FAVS!!!

Boogie woogie bugle boy

Rum and coca cola

Sing ,Sing , sing (Evan , my three year old screams this one!)

Just a simple melody

Any & All of their Christmas songs!

Dion & The Belmonts

Dion and the Belmonts were a leading vocal group of the late 1950s. All of its members were from the Bronx, New York City. In 1957 Dion DiMucci joined The Belmonts with singers Carlo Mastrangelo, Fred Milano and Angelo D'Aleo to form the the entire group ! If you watch any of their live performances... Well I fall I love ! They sway, they swoon & they just get up there and sing.. no technical background noise, just good old fashion singing! In 1960 things for the group went sour after charting radio stations & billboards over 800 times . Dion checked into a hospital for drug addiction & the band wanted to sing different genres, harmony on one side .. Dion wanted to Rock & Roll. The reunited in 66 briefly, released a few singles & went separate ways once again in 1967. Now I'm over the moon obsessed with the guys! Take a listen, they make my heart flutter..

Wonder why

Teenager in love

Runaround sue (I'm sure everyone has heard this one , my son sings it word for word for whoever asks!)

The wanderer

Now I chose today to only write about three of my favourite old time bands . Those who know me , know my love of Johnny Cash ... but he needs no introduction <3 <3 <3 A few others worth taking a listen to are : Billy holiday , The Ronettes , Del Shannon .. the list goes on ! xo

“The wonderful thing was that we were together for so many years. We dressed together, we slept together, we roomed together, we went shopping together, and of course we rehearsed together. We never separated.” Maxene Andrews

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