"How to be as Glamorous as a Star!"

The 1940s has a look all to its own & one of my favourite ones to boot! Sleek updos, redder than red lipsticks, manicured nails & prominent arched eyebrows! The popular "retro inspired pinup" look we see today is actually not an accurate depiction of the iconic 1940s look. Dita Von Teese is a prime example of the modern retro pinup style makeup. Pale skin, perfect brows , very thick prominent cat eyes & red lips. When in the 40s simplicity was key. Most women worked in factories or farms & a redder than red lip made up for the tired girl . In fact lipsticks were considered an essential for women to keep up morale during war times. This is where the compact came into play. Rouges were sometimes in short supply so women would use their lipstick to contour faces & brighten up their cheeks.

Now not completely make up related (but simply amazing so I think ) is the fact in the 40s during war times there was a shortage of silk & nylon. Women would use liquid waterproof liners to draw the black seams on the back of their legs. Giving off the impression of stocking! How friggin amazing is that!! <3 Max factor was a very popular brand in the 40s... Besame cosmetics actually mimics the vintage look of the lipstick tubes perfectly!

Popular 1940s products:

-Max factors pancake foundation & loose powder

-Maybelline cake mascaras applied with a brush

-Rose coloured rouge for cheeks

-Red & orange red lips

-Nails filed to point and tips left unpainted (hence modern half moon nail styles )

-Vaseline, most lipsticks were matte. Vaseline was used for shine as well as to groom brows.

"Pour yourself a drink. Put on some lipstick , and pull yourself together" Elizabeth Taylor xo

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