"But why do you like her?...."

Everyone has a role model right? Whether it is a movie star, musician or an athlete. As cliche as it sounds mine actually is Marilyn Monroe. Not for her pictures that are all glamourous and plastered everywhere or her so called "quotes", but for the person she actually was. The person nobody got to know or see. Over the years it started with a movie "Gentleman prefer blondes"... moved onto a few pictures, a soundtrack for Christmas. Then several books and everytime I received a gift it was Marilyn. My husband even bought me an entire Chanel #5 perfume set because that is what Miss Monroe wore. She became a passion, a hobby... an obsession. Men get "man caves"... my husband got a two car garage. I turned our entire basement into a "Marilyn Den". She was wall to wall from blankets, pictures, collectibles, clocks... anything and everything! I can even remember a lady I met telling me how she was THE biggest Marilyn fan! Finally I thought, someone to talk about Marilyn with! ... (my poor husband knows more about Marilyn than any man I'm sure haha) So in my excitement I asked what her favourite movie was! She answered "she acted in movies? " It kind of broke my heart. I guess I'm a die hard <3

Now that I painted a picture of my obsession I can tell you that more than enough I get the "Why Marilyn, she was a dumb blonde, she was a home wrecking skanky person, what a poor role model, she slept with presidents! Well I shall start my rant. She was one of the first female producers, a dumb blonde... nope! If Marilyn wanted to better herself she read, she actually had a library of about 400 books. Although she played dumb blondes she wanted more serious roles and actually attended several actors colleges. Marilyn loved charity work, she was avid in the March of dimes, rode on a pink elephant in 1955 to raise money for rheumatism and actually donated $10,00 to an orphanage the year she died. After her death she had her estate donate 25% of her earnings to psychiatric clinic for children. In the 50s, a popular nightclub, Mocambo would not book Ella Fitzgerald because her skin was a different colour. It was Marilyn who called the owner of the club and said to book Ella and she would sit front row every night!

So these are a few reasons why I love the real Marilyn... sorry Norma Jeane. Marilyn was a fictional character made by a production company. I don't see her as a home wrecker or dumb blonde. Her life was fascinating to me. Almost the entire side of her mothers family died in Psychiatric hospitals, Marilyn was even diagnosed with what is referred to these days as bipolar disorder. She did what she had to, to work her way from being placed in 15 different foster care homes with no hope at life to a star. I admire that, she worked for exactly what she wanted! Now I could write about Marilyn Monroe for days! Yet, I will leave it at that. Everyone has a person they look up to right? She just happens to be mine <3

"After all , If I cant be myself. Then who can I be I would like to know?" MM


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