"Oh My Lanta!!"

Those who know me well know how much I love vintage & old movies! I actually reference a ton of old actresses when styling certain hair dos! The Esther Williams, Betty Grable, Martha Raye, Marilyn Monroe ... I could keep going! Now naturally some of my favorite movies have Esther Williams flaunting across the screen, beautiful as ever. Adorned in hair flowers with every take! I fell in love!

Being as picky as I am when it comes to my pinup hair... I could never find the right amount of flowers, or colors needed to match my never ending slew of dresses. I thought about it several times before bringing it up to my close friends how much I wanted to start my own little business of making hair flowers. Pretty little pieces that I could custom make to match every dress my little heart desired! I would sew, cut, hot glue & clip pieces together to finally make one of a kind hair clips! Inspired by pinups of the 1940s! Pieces that make you go Oh My Lanta!

It was Crystal from Vixens Boutique & Jill Renton that finally talked me into the name. It was cute, clever & put a smile on my face! They sold me! So here we are. Me, Pinup Sweetheart with my own little business making hair flowers. Why stop there? Along with my hair flowers I thought I will also make pretty little earrings & brooches. Go big or go home right? So those two wonderful ladies have encouraged me & helped point me in the right direction!

My items will be available to purchase through me as well as Vixens Boutique. I can make child, small, large, hair comb & hair band hair flowers. Custom to you or stop by the store & pick one I made . Over the next few weeks I will even be working on sets to match flowers with jewelry. I'm so over the moon excited!!! As you will see in one of my blog pictures... the STUNNING Jana wearing a set of my cherry orchids! Love, love, love! I hope to see a lot more adorned with my pieces in the near future!

XO Pinup Sweetheart

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