"Different Is Beautiful"

Judy Garland once said .. "Always be a first rate version of yourself. Instead of a second rate version of someone else". Now I am starting off with this quote because today's blog is going to be a little different. Instead of reviewing clothes or talking about my fav brands, I felt like writing about body confidence & what pinup has done to help me. I was never a confident person.. not even one to wear a dress because I hated my shape! Being size 14/16 I felt the pinup lifestyle would attract too much attention to my body & looks. Yet, I loved the look so much.. I wanted to wear the clothes and adorn myself with the accessories so bad! Wearing red lipstick one day I felt like a rock star.. until I got the comment "what are you wearing that for, this is not a beauty pageant"... Off went the red lipstick. Once again... feeling embarrassed for trying to be "me". So I spent each day watching Marilyn, staring at Ginger Rogers & Esther Williams. Longing to try the ideal 40s look I loved so much. I would try the "look" at home but take it all off and dress down when it came to leaving the house. Now, other than my wedding dress and prom gown... I didn't wear dresses.

Until one day I thought it would be a good idea to enter a pinup contest put on by Vixens Boutique at the Radical Speedsport car show. My best friend had a dress bought and shipped before I could even change my mind! Little did she know.. a monster would be created (I now have more dresses than I can count and hate the idea of pants on a good day!) Well the day of the contest I did my best try at a vintage inspired hair and makeup look, threw on the dress and went in completely blind. I must have done something right because I placed second! Throughout the year I did a few more events that I dressed up pinup, got tons of positive comments and fell head over heels. I was done.. hook, line & sinker.

I met wonderful girls from the contest that went through the same thing I did... of having to try and overcome the fear of looking different but being true to you. I studied the looks, practiced hard, added pieces to my wardrobe and eventually I was breathing pinup every day. The girls from the pinup family are wonderful. Even in a contest they encourage you and help you. You have a question about the best dress company or where to find the best shoes they are there for you . Like a little family.. you felt encouraged and supported. Once again my confidence went up a little more. I was surrounding myself with positive people and felt like a million bucks!

Now, I can't count on both hands how many dresses I have purchased, shoes, bags, brooches, scarves... if it adorns or adds to a vintage inspired outfit I have it! I wear it proud every day and instead of being a second rate version of someone else... I slowly became a first rate version of myself. True to a style I love.

Now, if you have me on facebook, you know I am no stranger to the selfie. Haha! I love snapping a picture of my good hair set, or the dress I feel amazing in! Full of myself? Nope... still have confidence issues? Yep! But guess what? I worked hard to get where I am and even though I have some days where I feel ugly still... my insecurities can bite my polkadot loving rear! Now if you are a bigger girl, skinny girl, blonde, brunette, shy or outgoing girl. I want you to know that if you love the pinup lifestyle... do it! Throw on a dress, curl your hair, slap on that bright red lipstick and shake your stuff. You are beautiful! When people look your way flick your hair and blow a kiss! That will make them look again lol! Dress up, love life, be confident & kind!

Pinup Sweetheart xo

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