"A Toast! To the brands I love most!"

Over this past year I have tried many different sizes, outfits, brands, cuts to dresses & shoes. Some pretty ... some, well... not so pretty! But, I have been able to narrow down my favourite brands & why I love them! Let's start with "Sourpuss", the brand itself is a perfect place to start a pinup attire! It is full of vintage inspired pinup & rockabilly clothing. The brand is inexpensive with awesome quality & gives you so much to choose from. I don't know how many times I brought up Sourpuss & had the "Ooooo I NEED THAT!!" reaction.

Skirts! Polka dots, cherries & baby elephants... oh my ! Whichever you choose... I am telling you, you will not be disappointed with one of these skirts ! They make you feel like you should be twirling all day through a field like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music! To start the swing skirt is a staple piece in pinup clothing. You can match it with a cute tank & cardigan or just a plain white tee. Or one of my personal favs... the Darling top ! It is a sweet little blouse you can get in different prints like cherries, polka dots & sparrows.

Last but not least, BAGS! Type Sourpuss floozy bag into google... hit images, then message Vixens Boutique with the 700 you want, I am telling you everyone needs a floozy bag ! They are sweet & cute... you look at them & melt! Then once you choose a floozy, grab yourself a Bettie Page bag simply for the fact that you can sit in the sun & admire all the sparkle. While typing up this blog I had to take a minute to look up bags on Sourpuss just to stare at them. The Sourpuss Repop purse in turquoise please & thank you!

Now lets talk dresses... I would have to say Lindy Bop & Voodoo Vixen are two of my favourite companies. Lindy Bop the sizing seems consistent & you can find any kind of pattern under the sun. I am in love with the Carola so much I purchased it in a few different patterns. It is a classy vintage fifties style swing dress that hugs your curves in all the right places. You really feel sweet & sassy in their dresses. Now, Voodoo Vixen... I don't even know where to start . Whenever I put on a VV dress I feel like it was made just for me! The sizing is consistent, now I just point to a dress, say xl please... & I'm never disappointed. They are elegant , vintage inspired little darlings & I would love to fill my closet with them! The Greta dress... I swoon over & it will be mine soon.

Now of course ladies, these are just all my favourite brands & styles I have picked up along the way. You may love them, you may leave them. But, I really truly believe if you try them you won't be disappointed!

Pinup Sweetheart xo

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