Pinup Essentials!

A lesson in pinup hair for beginners: When looking at a pinup or rockabilly hair style with all the intricate rolls, teasing, pinning & fluffing... It may seem scary & to difficult to even attempt for some! Very untrue, with the right tools, tips & tricks, with a dash of practice it can be achieved in no time!

To start, find the right tools! -hot rollers or curling wand (I prefer hot rollers, you can leave them in while you perfect your makeup) -clips, Bobby pins, setting lotion (Lotta body is a bottle to the gods!) -hairspray (any will do, pick the best for your hair type) & a pomade or smoothing lotion. I really enjoy sourpuss pomade for pinup hairstyles. It never weighed my hair down, kept it soft & smells like cotton candy! -brush & teasing combs. A denman brand brush or boar bristle brush are the best. They really help smooth and prefect the curls in your brush out.

Let's get started! Once you set your curlers and the cool you can take our rollers out and start the brushing process. Don't be scared! Just keep brushing! Work with your hair not against it and you will see how the curls roll and contour. You can then tease the crown, spray and once you get the style you like add some pomade to smooth your style for a sleek look! Now what you may not know is you can take a set (curled hair fresh out of rollers ) and use it for several days before washing and setting again! I would start with the basic, brushed out curls. Day two, you can do a front victory roll with a side bun or twisted updo. Day three you can brush all your curls up onto the top of your head and do what is called a "poodle"! By day 4 for me, I would be rocking the curled pony tail or bun with a bandana for a more rockabilly vibe. You can also add hair flowers or snoods!

Now if you are serious about rocking the pinup look each day or you just want to try something different. YouTube tutorials are amazing & is where I started. It took me about a year & I can finally get a sweet hair do down in about 20 minutes! To start check these ladies out on Facebook, instagram or YouTube! They are fabulous! -Miss Victory Violet -Miss Rockabilly Ruby -Diablo Rose Remember everyone has to start somewhere! Get the tools, pop on some Andrews Sisters, bring up a tutorial, get in the vibe & totally practice practice practice!

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