Interested in entering our Annual Miss Speedsport pinup contest?  Please Fill out entry form below and send to

Also send in your favorite picture of yourself for promoting!

We are looking for a pinup that exemplifies what it means to be a great pin-up in today’s modern world. The women of the 40’s & 50’s were full of style and class…the definition of sexy…real women have curves.  She must be positive, professional, kind and compassionate. This contest is not one that is based solely cosmetic appeal but one that includes inner beauty as well.

Only vintage clothing styles/looks from about 1940-1960 are permitted (this contest is retro inspired). Feel free to put your own twist into your look to set you apart, but be cautious of going to modern. Costume-like apparel is permitted, as long as it is tasteful and authentic (no Halloween costumes) and fitting to the theme (ex: vintage race car driver or military inspired uniform dress)

Judges will be scoring each contestant on the following:


  • Clothing, hair and makeup (retro inspired, authentic to the era)


  • Stage presence and poses for the crowd and cameras


  • Question time  (not the answers themselves, but how you present yourself while answering)

Screenshot (1757).png
Miss Speedsport Pinup

Please Note: Contest takes place at the Annual Radical Speedsport Car Show at the Moncton Coliseum on April 13th 2019 in Moncton NB. 

Contest is Free to enter but contestant is responsible for their own hair, makeup and outfit.  Discount available from Vixens if an outfit is needed as well as a hairstylist and makeup artist on site if you would like to book.

Contest Rules


  • No swim suits, lingerie or overly sexy clothing is permitted for participation. This is a family event! Nudity is strictly prohibited. Any violations will cause it immediately disqualification from the event. The stage is above the audience so please be aware of the length of your outfit as well.


  • All participants agree to act in a professional manner. Absolutely no lewd acts of comments are permitted and will result in immediate disqualification.


  • Participants are not permitted to accept or offer money from the audience members.


  • Prize money and or prizes will be distributed after the event.


  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older with valid ID.


  • All participants must sign a participant liability waiver prior to participating in the event.


  • The use of profanity during the question-and-answer segment will result in disqualification.


  • All participants agree to be accessible before and after the event for photography pictures with the official contest photographer.


  • Participants agree that the Radical Speedsport Car Show and Vixens Boutique can use their image and/or likeness, name, biographical information, any recordings and/or videotape in unlimited promotional, advertising, and Merchandising purposes in any format or media either displayed, distributed or sold.


  • Please note that winners may or may not be asked to participate in future events.


  • Please note that the winner will represent both the Radical Speedsport and Vixens so professionalism is essential at all public events as well as on social media, failure to do so could result in removal of title.


  • The winner of Miss Speedsport Pinup, will be requested to judge the following year's contest.  You are asked to judge fairly on Clothing, Hairstyle, and Stage Presence and do not base any of your scores on friendship or prior competitors.


  • Once you are crowned Miss Speedsport Pinup, you will be ineligible to participate for the next 3 years.